Octopus Shorts competition coordinator: Jarek Tokarski

Contact: jarek.tokarski@velvetspoon.pl


Octopus Shorts – International Short Film Competition.

For the 6th edition of the Octopus Film Festival, we decided to present to the audience another dimension of genre cinema, this time expressed through the length of the form. The festival program will include Octopus Shorts – International Short Film Competition. This year Octopus Shorts comes back for a second edition!

In a short film we are looking for exactly the same as in a feature film: creativity, imaginative courage, madness and a unique combination of genre inspirations with an original idea. For the very first edition of Octopus Shorts we have received over 300 submissions from over 35 countries, including Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Albania, Romania, Israel, Iran, Mexico, Colombia, USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and more.

The best productions will be presented during the 6th edition of Octopus between August 6 and 11 and evaluated by a specially selected jury, and the winner will not only gain respect and eternal glory, but also a financial prize.

Stay tuned for the reveal of the official selection of Octopus Shorts 2024!

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