Enzo G. Castellari

At this year’s Octopus, for the first time we will award a lifetime achievement award in genre cinema – the Ink Macka! Its winner will be the festival’s chief guest, a filmmaker with sixty years in the Italian film industry and a favorite of Quentin Tarantino himself – Enzo G. Castellari!
Enzo G. Castellari is an absolute legend of Italian cinema. Director of spaghetti westerns (“Keoma” with Franco Nero), poliziotteschi (“High Crime,” “Street Law”), macaroni combat (“Heroes from Hell”) and post-apocalyptic films (“Bronx Warriors”) known for his penchant for slow motion and experimental editing. His films occupied the top of the Italian box office throughout the 1970s.
Enzo G. Castellari will come to Octopus to receive the Ink Macka and meet with Polish viewers. The festival will also include a retrospective of the director’s work.

Marcin Ciastoń

Author of “Hyacinth” and “The Rift,” co-author of “Detective Bruno.” Marcin Ciastoń is one of the most interesting authors of contemporary Polish cinema. His script for the police thriller “Hyacinth” won the main prize in the Script Wars screenwriting competition and the screenplay award at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.